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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Urban Landscape

I am in a group show at the Exploding Head Gallery in Sacramento entitled Urban Landscape. Exploding Head is located at 924 12th Street in Downtown Sacramento and is open Monday - Friday 10:30 - 5:30, Saturday 11 - 4. Their phone number is 916.442.8424. Check it out.

pacifica center for the arts

I sent this piece down for a group show at the pacifica center for the arts
Art of the Bicycle
curated by Roy Tatman

JULY 21 - AUGUST 26, 2006

Reception: Friday, July 21, 7-9PM
BMX Bicycle Jumping Demonstration at 7PM
sponsored by Gearhead Bicycles, Pacifica

Plaster faster

The pool now has plaster and water and even happy people escaping from the valley heat.

Death Metal Lizard

My hands were literally dripping with blood while working with this metal stuff. Every time you cut it, it spawns baby razorblabes. My hands withstanding everything is going well (almost ready for concrete)

Animal Art at the Crux

I put a piece in the animal-themed art show at the Crux Art Collective. Hayes, Marie and I attended the reception in costumes with brown bag beverages. Here are some shots of Hayes next to his favorite piece, the kids in costume, and Hayes pointing out my art to anyone who would listen.

PhotoMan Hayes

Hayes took about fifty photos at the Crux art show including shots of almost all of the artwork. Here are three of my favorites. (the kid has promise)

Tile on bench

Fireplace gets hips

Working out from the block framewith a rapid set & mortar mix on top of metal lathe, the fireplace is starting to get some curves.

The pool is tiled

We finished tiling and grouting the pool. Here are a few detail shots.

Test Lizard

I am building a lizard at my studio in preparation for commission in Sacramento. Look for a video of the making coming soon.

Crocker Art Reception

So I went to the artist's reception at the Crocker and was surprised by the mediocrity of the event. The Auction was down in the basement with relatively no signage or fanfare. Hopefully they stepped it up for the main event with the paying customers. My mom, dad, grandma, and couple of friends turned up to meet Hilary and I, which was fun. In the end I was glad I attended: I got to meet some potentials, eat some grub, and most excitedly take some reference photos for a future painting. This guy had charisma:

I was nervous to take his picture so I had Hilary pretend like I was taking her picture. After that I lost my inhabitions. I think by the final photo he caught on.

commission piece

Here is a pretty shoddy picture of a commission I recently completed.